Why Disinfectant Sprays are Your Best Friend as Offices and Businesses Reopen

Offices and businesses are reopening around the country, and around the globe. There’s no way around the pandemic until a vaccine is developed—and the only way countries can ensure that people don’t die from starvation is to fill their coffers. Getting the spokes back on business’s wheels was always on the agenda.

However, a booming economy should not come at the expense of an alarming mortality rate. It’s been noted in Texas that cases are surging ever since businesses reopened. That’s because people have been ignoring the importance of protective equipment such as masks and disinfectants.


If you think the greatest threat at work is Jessica from Sales, think again. This new threat is everywhere: on your keyboard, the coffee maker, the doorknobs, even on the xerox machine.

Simply put: where there are people, there’s risk. But you can’t really work in a vacuum, can you? Not unless you test the vacuum chambers in NASA, that is. A virus needs a host—and your office is teeming with them.

So what do you do when an existential threat is bigger than the career-destroying force that is Jessica from Sales? It’s simple: you arm yourself with protective equipment—most importantly, with disinfecting spray.

Carry a Disinfecting Spray to Work

Now, of course, your workplace has probably already taken some measures against the virus. After all, when Homeland Security demands it, there’s little businesses can do other than agree with the terms. And yet, you’re right in thinking that danger is never far.

Homeland Security suggests that the only way to fight the virus at work is with EPA-approved (Environmental Protection Agency) disinfectants. Remember, the influenza virus can stay alive on a surface—without a host—for up to 8 hours. And the SARS COVID-2 is influenza on steroids.


Naturally, you can’t just disinfect everything that you see at work. Focus on the essentials—especially on high-touch areas, such as your chair, desk, computer system, the doorknobs, and so on. Everything that (a) you touch a lot and (b) everyone else touches a lot should be on the list.

Additionally, don’t forget to carry other protective gear with you. Wear a face mask and gloves, and change them every day if they are disposable. Avoid touching your face. Don’t go near people. If you must talk, proceed with caution. And wherever you go—to a meeting room, to the kitchen, anywhere—carry your nifty, portable, effective little disinfecting spray bottle with you.

Buy a Disinfecting Spray Today

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