Superiors of an organization discussing how to implement COVID-19 SOPs in their workplace.

‘3’ Safety Tips For Every Industry

Workplace safety programs are an investment in your company’s future. Without a robust workforce to drag the load and meet end goals, your company can’t sustain itself. The employees are the backbone of any organization, and their safety should be the management’s top priority.

A global health calamity is upon us, and every industry needs to work to keep the economy afloat. The only way to live through this pandemic is by employing safety programs as a company-wide policy. This should include using 70 isopropyl alcohol gallon to disinfect offices before opening and wearing protective goggles, gloves, and masks. No exceptions should be made to the rule because minor negligence can lead to major increases in infections.

Here are some fundamental safety tips that can be applied across the board on different kinds of industries.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is more critical in some industries than others. Organizations that operate digitally don’t need it, but industries that require manual labor like construction, carpentry, plumbing, or medicine, need special protective gear to protect workers from coronavirus. They need washable face masks, protective face shields, PPE disposable isolation suits, or hazmat coverall jumpsuits.

Even though chemical companies already mandate PPE suits for protection against toxic substances, it’s even more important because of the COVID-19 threat. However, in their case, it’s essential that the PPE gear is safe to use in testing labs.

A facemask showing how it protects against the coronavirus infection.


Before rushing out to work, you stop and check if you’re wearing a mask and gloves. Before putting your hands on the steering wheel, you take out alcohol wipes and wipe the surface. Before stepping out of the elevator, you sanitize your hands because you touched the buttons.

Practicing safety precautions against coronavirus is a lifestyle that we need to adapt to. However, wearing PPE gear is still a foreign concept that will take some time to settle in our minds. Industrial workers are negligent about their safety because of a lack of information, and visual aids can be an invaluable resource to help those who are still struggling.

A poster that shows the correct manner of washing hands or wearing/removing face masks can help. Messages of caution against physical contact and following SOPs can be printed with diagrams and placed at popular spots around the office. These programs will help boost the implementation of safety measures, particularly for people in the education sector that deal with young children.


Informing your staff about SOPs that they should ideally follow will just not cut it. People tend to slack off when there’s no sense of accountability. However, the fear of being asked about how well they’re doing on safety precautions can motivate them to be more mindful.

Just as you install security cameras for better vigilance, you need to keep an eye on your employees’ code of conduct. The presence of one infected person on-premises can potentially endanger the entire workforce. Ensure that your subordinates know that the management will keep a check and balance, so they better not forget to be responsible.

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