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Buy Face Masks Online | Buy Face Shields Online – Safety 1st PPE

Protect Yourself Against Infectious Diseases With Quality Face Masks And Shields

Did you know that asymptomatic individuals—those who have the coronavirus but don’t show symptoms for it—can just as easily transmit the virus to others in their proximity? In fact, you’re more at risk of contagion just before the symptoms start appearing in an individual who has the virus.

To counter these, renowned medical associations and experts in the United States have instructed citizens to stick to wearing face masks religiously. They curb the spread of the disease by preventing contaminated airborne droplets from entering your mouth and nose. Not only do they keep the wearer safe from others, but they also keep others protected from the wearer’s saliva or respiratory excretion.

Whether you’re looking for N95 face masks, 3-ply disposable surgical masks, or a face shield isolation mask, we have it all. We have a wide variety of effective face masks, including the R95 filter respirator and respirator refills, to help you keep you and your loved ones safe against the coronavirus.

Buy face masks and face shields online today!

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