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Gallon of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Kills 99.9% of surface microorganisms.

Acts as a disinfectant for hands and surfaces.



keep out of reach of children.

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128 Fl Oz of isopropyl Alcohol.

Disinfect your hands and equipment with this gallon isopropyl alcohol.

Commonly used as a disinfectant in pharmaceutical industries, 70% isopropyl alcohol kills surface microorganisms if used to disinfect hands and equipment surfaces. It functions as a key bactericidal in medical facilities such as hospitals, but can also be used for general cleaning purposes.

With the rampant spread of the coronavirus, hygiene is more crucial to our safety than ever before. From practicing social distancing to frequently washing your hands and cleaning your house, we must do everything in our power to halt the spread of this infectious diseases. This includes disinfecting your house, offices, essential businesses’ place of work, and of course, hospitals.

The gallon 70% isopropyl alcohol can be used to disinfect frequently touched surfaces that may have droplets contaminated with the coronavirus. From cleaning tables, chairs, floors, and light switches to common household items like drawer handles, the gallon 70% isopropyl alcohol can go a long way in ensuring the safety of your loved ones in testing times like these.

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