A child taking virtual lessons on an internet device from home.

Best Practices For Reopening Schools Safely

Here’s an important announcement for all public and private schools in the area: education from 2020 onward will be a combination of learning and safety.

Since COVID-19 has left an important mark on our calendars, it’ll become part of history textbooks once the pandemic finally ends. Until then, the children need to continue their education.

Like all other industries, the education sector needs to adapt to the new norm and reinitiate the educational journey for children.

Here are some things that need to be addressed first.


This is a question raised by many concerned parents. Even with kids protective face shields and goggles, they’re apprehensive about sending their child to a public place.

While adults have had a hard time staying at home, children have it the worst. Not only are they being alienated from the classroom setting, but also coerced to find entertainment in solitude.

It’s hard for a child of 8 or 9 years of age to play all day, every day indefinitely, with just toys or pets. They need physical activity because recreational diversion from mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19 is crucial for their emotional well-being. Living during a pandemic is a harsh reality for young minds, and disrupting their routine makes it even more traumatic.

Plus, more time away from school means greater delays in their education. The growing years are crucial for their academic grooming, and instructional time in the classroom is the foundation of their learning.

The young generation is the future of the country because they will form the working population that the economy depends on. It’s essential to prioritize education and find ways for safe teaching during a health crisis.

Here are some of the best action plans for reopening schools during COVID-19.

A mother putting a facemask on her child carefully before sending them to school.


Before issuing a notice for the commencement of classes on campus, all parents must be notified of the safety procedures that the school intends to follow.

The management may need to revise its financing plan to renovate the building for safer teaching methods. They might have to add classrooms to create more space, and playgrounds will have to be redesigned to promote safe play and minimize physical contact. Toilets also need to be revamped to facilitate cleaner and more hygienic methods of washing.

The schools also need to have a contingency plan if things go south. This is why school openings need to be limited for the time being until the school is able to manage the influx of children and follow SOPs. This will allow the management to develop clear protocols and see to their implementation before proceeding.


Apart from following safety protocols, there’s an added responsibility for primary school teachers to rehabilitate children when they return to school. So many months of staying away at home and surrounded by a hysterical atmosphere must have taken a toll on their emotional health. Teachers must be warm toward children who are traumatized by the global health crisis and gently welcome them in an inviting classroom environment.

Schools must also focus on remedial learning to make up for the time lost. Burdening young children with assessment metrics will only crush their self-esteem if they perform poorly. Examination procedures need to be suspended for a while until children are comfortable being back in the classroom.

After Schools Have Reopened

Once classes are back on schedule and the full strength of students has returned, the management must make sure that COVID-19 safety programs are positive. This is when they’ll test the effectiveness of new classrooms, playgrounds, and teaching methods.

The teaching staff needs to see if making the students wear kids protective face shields, masks, and goggles is curtailing the spread of the virus. They may need to upgrade the safety procedures if it doesn’t help.

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